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Wide number of robots into the highlight of the Guangzhou Fair machine
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2012-8-11 17:04:21 Views:
November 2009, 17-20, by the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Foreign Trade Center (Group) and China National Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. jointly organized the 2009 China (Guangzhou) International Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Expo (referred to as "Guangzhou machine Fair") in Guangzhou, China import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex.
     Machine Expo 2009 exhibition in Guangzhou area of ??20,000 m2, exhibits covering machine tools and metal processing, tools and accessories, forming equipment, thermal processing technology and equipment, machine parts and gear, mold production technology and equipment. Industry leaders, such as China Machinery Industry Group Guangzhou Electrical Equipment Group, GSK and so demonstrate the new technology.
     In this exhibition, the number of exhibits six sets of system wide and two wide number of independent research and development of the RB08-based industrial robots, including GSK218M processing center system, GSK928GE grinding system
,CNC numerical control machine,
 GSK983M processing center system, GSK25i five-axis system, GSK980TDb lathe system , GSK988T mid-range five-axis CNC lathe, and a five-axis system with GSK25i machining centers, complete with robotic handling tasks GSK988T GSK983M CNC lathes and machining centers each one.
     Gan, Vice Mayor of Guangzhou, to lead tours to watch the new numbers show a broad five-axis industrial robot system GSK25i and two-site processing, the number of widely praised and encouraged wide plus the number of continuing innovation. Guangdong TV, Guangzhou TV Hemin Jia, chairman of our interviews were conducted, where the total number of that broad purpose is to build a hundred years, cast gold brand; development of high-tech, break down foreign technology barriers; gathering machinery and equipment manufacturing high-quality resources, take guide the development of the industry and new opportunities; guide SMEs to move forward; the introduction of high-level partners, to strengthen broad number of large domestic machine tool companies with strategic cooperation.

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