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CNC lathes basic operating requirements
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2012-12-25 9:20:35 Views:
CNC lathes basic operating requirements

Operating CNC lathes, you should first be aware of the following requirements:


◇ control panel, transformers, motors, junction boxes, and other parts with a high-voltage terminals not to touch, otherwise they will get an electric shock.

◇ Do not to touch the switch with wet hands, otherwise it will cause a short circuit, and endanger their personal safety. .


◇ should be very familiar with the location of the emergency stop button switch, so that any necessary timely press.

◇ before placed fuse, be sure to the machine is powered off.

◇ When the power failure on the part should be immediately cut off the circuit switch.

◇ if a task needs to be accomplished by two or more persons, each step operation should provide a coordinated signal must be carried out after the predetermined signal is given and accept the next job.


◇ using the recommended lubricating oil and grease or recognized equivalents properties of the oil or grease.

◇ want to use a fuse having a suitable electric current value.

◇ To prevent the impact of the device operation panel, electrical control panel, otherwise, it will cause the failure so that the machine can not work properly.

◇ not arbitrarily change the parameters, values, or other electrical devices. Must be changed, it should change the original data recorded, in case you need to return to the original data.

◇ Do not dirty, scratched, knocked or mobile warning signs. Signage on the handwriting is blurred or lost, should be factory ordered new signs.

◇ machine have enough working space around to avoid the danger.

◇ water or oil can make the ground slip dangerous, the ground should be kept clean and dry to prevent accidents, work.

◇ before the operation switch, be sure to confirm that, make no mistake.

◇ do not arbitrarily touch switch.

◇ close to the bench of the machine should be strong, to prevent the accident. To avoid objects slide down from the bench.
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