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Which is suitable for CNC machining
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2013-1-17 14:46:14 Views:

Taking into account the number of enterprises with CNC lathes, model, parts processing costs, productivity and other factors, for a specific part, it is usually only one part of work arrangements in CNC machine tools for processing. Other processes are arranged in an ordinary machine processing, such as positioning holes and locating datum plane processing. So to get the part you have to be careful drawing process analysis, choose the most suitable and CNC machining processes need to be content, to ensure quality, reduce costs, give full play to the advantages of CNC machining.

The choice is generally considered in the following order:

   1) using ordinary tools can not be processed content should be a priority selection;

   2) using ordinary tools difficult to process, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the content should be processed as a key selection;

   3) general machining efficiency is low, labor-intensive manual workers contents can be in surplus capacity CNC lathes surviving on the basis of selection.

     In general, the content of these machining using CNC machining, product quality, productivity and overall economic efficiency and other aspects will be significantly improved. In contrast, some of the following content is not selected machining using CNC machining.

   1) To pass a longer time to adjust accounting machine processing content, such as: rough roughing, etc.;

   2) clamping difficult or completely rely on to find positive positioning precision machining process to ensure the content;

   3) Material uneven, unstable allowance step;

   4) requires special tooling holes or other process coordination content;

   5) can not be completed in a single installation process other scattered parts using CNC machining very troublesome, the effect is not obvious, general machine tools can be arranged supplementary processing.

     In addition, processing of content choices and decisions, but also consider the production volume, the production cycle, in-process flow and so on. In short, we should try to make it reasonable to achieve more, faster, better and cheaper purposes.


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