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CNC lathe hydraulic chuck on the spindle loading and unloading methods and precautions
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The hydraulic chuck on the CNC Lathe loading and unloading methods and precautions

(1) installation of hydraulic chuck, the connection part of the wipe refueling to ensure the accuracy of the chuck installed.
(2) Hydraulic card hovering on the spindle, the chuck flange plane and spindle plane snapping.
Hard wood or soft metal (3) Removing the hydraulic chuck is placed between the the pawl guide surface opposite the operator when a certain height, and then the pawls go to the nearly horizontal position, slow reversing collision. When the chuck is loose, you must immediately stop, and then put the card with both hands hovering under.

, Hydraulic chuck mounted on the spindle, the spindle hole inserted an iron bar and pad bed guard to prevent smashed bed.
2, the installation of three claw, should be counter-clockwise order, and turned his head to prevent the plane thread.
Mounted hydraulic chuck, are not allowed to drive, to prevent danger.

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May 21, 2013

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