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CK30D Slant bed CNC lathe
UpdateTime:2013-7-24 23:04:31
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CK30D Slant bed CNC lathe

45 º inclined bed, double linear guide rail, high accuracy, good dimensional stability;
The overall structure of integrated design and manufacturing foot of the bed, bed foot of the bed is made of resin sand casting, aging, ultra-audio frequency hardened rails for precision grinding, precision to maintain good;
The overall foot of the bed with high stability and rigidity, machine rigidity; fully enclosed protective structure, the machine in water, oil, dust and safety performance is much better than similar products;
Tndependent spindle structure while matching precision class P4 spindle bearings, spindle speed, thermal deformation;
X-axis maximum stroke(280 mm), use knife row, high work efficiency.

This machine is suitable for high accuracy and conformance requirements for small and medium size disk parts.

Technical parameters


Technical parameters

Maximum turning diameter over bed

φ300 mm

Maximum turning diameter  over skateboard

φ120 mm

X-axis maximum stroke

280 mm

Z-axis maximum stroke

320 mm

Rail width


Spindle head model

ISOA2-5 / MT5#

Spindle bore





φ60 mm

Turret type

knife row

Tool shank specifications

20 mm×20 mm

Knife block center high

61 mm

Main motor power

4 kw

X-axis motor power

5 Nm

Z-axis motor power

7.5 Nm

Foot of the bed to spindle center height

935 mm



Net weight

1800 kg

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