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The influence of green manufacturing in the international machine tool industry gradually rise
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2015-1-12 16:41:52 Views:
The influence of green manufacturing in the international machine tool industry gradually rise
      Machine tool industry five-year development planning, including remanufacturing, green manufacturing engineering into the main scope of work.Green manufacturing is to minimize the negative effect on the environment and make the raw materials and energy use efficiency toachieve the highest modern manufacturing model.Machine tool products to high performance, high efficiency, and save resources, low energy consumption, low pollution, machining process at the same time to be friendly and pleasant.Therefore, from product design, material selection, manufacturing, until the product use process scrap recycling, form the whole process of green.
      In recent years, the influence of green manufacturing in the international machine tool industry gradually rise.Especially since the financial crisis, the major machine tool manufacturers are vigorously develop high and new technology, to enhance investment in research and development, for the next round of financial crisis era to prepare industrial upgrading.Suppliers according to the international mold and metal plastic industry association secretary general luo hui is introduced, the United States has more than 300 specialized is engaged in the machine tool remanufacturing enterprise, for large multi-function machine, gear machine tools, metal cutting machine tool remanufacturing, and established a complete after-sale service and quality guarantee system.In Germany, since 1991, the government has repeatedly funding support for electromechanical remanufacturing, helps enterprises, colleges and universities and research institutions to make research work.In recent years, Japan has also strengthen the engineering machinery remanufacturing, there are at least 20 manufacturing company again.
     Good for maggie, yamazaki summer camp stool, GF archie mill, such as to lam group world famousmachine tool manufacturers in recent years, constantly high efficiency, high precision, low energy consumption of machine tool products, customer's welcome, also for other small and medium-sized machine tool manufacturers of green manufacturing action sets a good example.
China's national conditions decide must implement green manufacturing according to incomplete statistics, China's existing machine tool's around 8 million units, is the largest country in the machine tool's in the world.Including more than 10 years old traditional machine more than 2 million units, has entered the peak of machinery and equipment scrap.If these old machine rust decay, is not only a waste of resources, also pose a great threat to the environment.
      Five-year period, China will adhere to the green environmental protection, independent innovation way of industrial development, adhere to advocate the green development strategy, and constantly promote the development of ecology, information flow utilization efficiency, intensive production process, minimize pollution emissions.Luo hui said, to a positive response to the call of the 12th five-year, environmental pollution energy-consuming products will be rejected, or been heavily sanctions, low carbon economy, green manufacturing technology research and application of grasping the direction of the future economic development has become the basis of in the international market.The domestic machine tool enterprises should take action immediately, the inclusion of the concept of low carbon manufacturing and green environmental protection to the enterprise's future development plan.
Resources and cost control for green manufacturing from the point of resource and the enterprise cost control, machine tool industry itself, there is also a strong hope for remanufacturing, machine tool industry in the upstream steel industry, steelmaking raw and auxiliary materials such as iron ore, coke are non-renewable natural resources, but also China's major steel mills for iron ore required depends on the three mining giants abroad, in recent years, subject to rising iron ore prices, steel prices are high, the downstream machine enterprise cost is high, therefore, machine tool remanufacturing is good for the environment, but also to reduce enterprise cost.
     Remanufacturing and manufacturing new products compared to 60, save energy saving material 70, save costs 50, almost do not produce solid waste, reduce air pollutant emissions more than 80.Remanufacturing is advantageous to the formation of resources - products - waste product, remanufacturing product recycling economy mode, can make full use of resources, protect the ecological environment.Rapid growth of China, on the other hand, machine tools, social ownership, remanufacturing industry development potential is tremendous.A lot of equipment will be eliminated after meet the requirements of scrap, the retirement of new equipment is still in a large increase.Development of remanufacturing industry is helpful to form new economic growth point, provide a large number of employment opportunities for the society.
     Machine tool manufacturers of green manufacturing in action at present domestic has many universities and research institutions to carry out the research in the field of green manufacturing, and achieved some results.Such as chongqing machine tool group and the university, the research developed a complete set technology, machine tool remanufacturing and comprehensive upgrade completed more than 500 sets for old machine tools remanufacturing, the function of remanufacturing machine tools and the main technical indexes reach or exceed the original machine, resources circulation utilization of 80 or so, the noise will be reduced by more than 10, the environmental pollution emissions by more than 90.On CIMT2011 exhibition, green manufacturing products become a highlight of the exhibition.Such as qinchuan machine tool developed by electrostatic absorption device, mist of oil mist treatment effect than traditional filtering device has a lot to improve, efficient reach more than 96, from the basic to achieve clean air, and recycled oil mist particles get repeat recycling.Chongqing machine tool research and development of YS3126CNC - CD CNC high-speed dry gear hobbing machine, cutting in ensuring efficient and high quality, high tool life and high working reliability at the same time, and because they don't need green characteristics of cutting fluid and favored by many users.On the 13th session of Shanghai international machine tool exhibition, many exhibits and green manufacturing technology has also become a focus of the exhibition, such as mitsubishi heavy industries GE15A super dry cutting and high precision CNC gear hobbing machine, because without coolant, will have little impact on the working environment;No metal cutting, the raw material is saved, and greatly improve the working efficiency.
Four kinds of technical measures to realize green manufacturing, China machine tool industry association deputy secretary-general, said Li Jingming traditional thinking and mode of production is undergoing profound changes, become a green industrial revolution is machine tool industry.At present, China's machine tool industry is through four kinds of technical measures to realize green manufacturing, through technical innovation to realize low carbon;Through innovative processing technology to realize low carbon;Through innovative structure reduce material to implement low carbon;By recycling and self-lubricating materials to implement low emissions, etc.
      For how to implement low carbon, reduce material through innovative structure Li Jingming examples, such as the tianjin fine machine grinding machine co., LTD., chongqing machine tool co., LTD., etc. Some of the large machine tool machine tool production, its main structure USES the double walled frame structure, through theoretical analysis and carefully arrange the mechanical structure, with the least amount of material to obtain the best stiffness.In addition, Li Jingming introduced, who automatically recycling, separation, dust collection and recycling self-lubricating materials, less oil lubrication and other technical measures are also widely used, reducing the emissions, reduce the impact on the environment.
     Five-year launch green manufacturing engineering on December 13, the 11th China international machine tool exhibition CIMES2012 preparatory committee was held in guangzhou, the meeting on the current status and future development of machine tool industry the development situation of five years were analyzed.International mold and metal plastic industry suppliers association secretary general luo hui think, during the 12th five-year, automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace, national defense industry and the rise of the new machine big users of new energy, new energy vehicles such as strategic emerging industries in the next five years there will be bigger and faster development.
     At present, the international machine tool products and manufacturing technology developing continuously.In high-speed, composite, intelligent, environmental protection technology, on the basis of through and control technology, computer technology and the organic combination of information technology, the products are to high efficiency, high precision, flexibility, integration and high reliability direction development, appeared to the spindle, coordinates, composite processing and the development trend of complete sets of equipment automation direction.
     At the present stage our country high-end products close to or reached the international advanced technology level;Domestic high-grade CNC machine occupies dominant position in the domestic market, in the aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, power generation equipment such as concrete application in the key parts processing;And with some master core intellectual property rights, with international competitiveness and influence of machine tool enterprises (group);To foster a batch of internationally renowned domestic brands.
     During the twelfth five-year machine tool industry must highlight the strategic focus and clear directions and further speed up structural adjustment and transformation of the mode of development, to create conditions and environment for industry sustainable development.Should focus on developing products and technologies, in addition to the four host, functional components and machine tool accessories, high-grade CNC system, cutting tool and measuring instrument, abrasives, superhard materials and products are also in the planning;Major technical research mainly for the basic and common technology research and the key technology research.Direction in accordance with the national five-year plan, the domestic industries, will get a bigger space for development, including aerospace manufacturing is facing industrial upgrading, product to high-performance, lightweight, integration, large-scale, motors, digital direction.Aerospace products are key components of a large number of resistance, high strength titanium alloy materials, such as difficult to machining engineering ceramics advanced composite material, the machine tool industry continuously put forward new requirements.With the development and progress of manufacturing technology, the aerospace industry for high speed, precision, complex, multi-axis linkage high-tech product demand increase, will involve heavy and super-heavy and extreme manufacturing equipment.Shipping industry development will form the development, the construction of high technology, high value-added ability of ship and ocean engineering equipment, products are mainly involved in the high reliability of heavy and super-heavy CNC machine tools, precision, high efficiency and etc.In the rail transit industry, railway and urban rail transit construction in China during the 12th five-year investment will remain high, railway and urban rail transit construction needs a large number of machine tool equipment, special machine tool equipment.Automobile manufacturing field is the largest machine tool industry user unit, the 12th five-year plan will increase the industry investment, key support for new energy technology application and the existing technical reform, to develop the energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy vehicles, industrial upgrading in this field will further drive vehicles and parts manufacturing enterprise technological transformation and equipment investment, automobile manufacturing industry needs a large number of high efficiency, high performance CNC machine tools and the flexible production line, large proportion in the auto industry a year investment to buy machine tool products.Twelfth five-year period, the country will also focus on cultivating energy conservation and environmental protection, a new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, biological intelligence, new materials and other strategic emerging industries.
     Five-year period, two fusion project will enhance the level of high-end manufacturing, and promote the main digital and information-based manufacturing enterprise transformation, realizing the two fusion, give full play to existing resources, improve efficiency, reduce cost, improve the upscale product manufacturing technology level and production capacity, create conditions for realizing industrialization of high-end products. 
     Five-year period, green manufacturing project aimed at developing low carbon cycle economy, green manufacturing when minimize negative effects on the environment and make the raw materials and energy use efficiency to achieve the highest modern manufacturing model.Machine tool products to high performance, high efficiency, and save resources, low energy consumption and low pollution.Green machine tool research, study the development of green machine tool design and evaluation standards.

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