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Double spindle woodworking CNC lathe
UpdateTime:2015-6-10 0:08:44
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CNC Z series of woodworking CNC lathe main characteristics of 1, 2, 3 double spindle, linear guide numerical control system, stepping motor drive main parameter 1, two axle center distance: 200 mm, 2, the spindle diameter: Φ 60 mm, shaft he

CNC-Z series woodworking CNC lathe

Main features

1. Linear guide

2. Two-spindle

3. CNC control, stepper motor drive

Main parameters

1. Two spindle center distance: 200mm,

2. Spindle diameter: Φ60 mm,

3. Spindle head: M42×2

2. When two spindle machining at the same time, maximum diameter:Φ195 mm

3. When only the above spindle machining, maximum effective diameter:Φ450 mm,

4. When only the above spindle machining, maximum theoretical axis diameter:Φ500 mm

5. Minimum setting unit: 0.01mm

6. Maximum feed speed 1000 / 6000mm / min

8, Spindle motor power 4-5.5kW (Frequency)

Main configuration

1. CNC system

2. Follow rest

3. Rotatable turret

4. Chuck

5. Follow rest set

6. Tool

7. Blow gun

8. Hex wrench

9. 36 wrench

10. Rotary thimble

11. Dimensions and max length



Max length


2400×1000×1300 mm



2900×1000×1300 mm



3400×1000×1300 mm


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