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CNC machine tools daily maintenance method
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CNC machine tools daily maintenance method
In order to maintain a good state of CNC machine tools in addition to the failure should be repaired outside adhere to regular maintenance it is very important. Adhere to regular maintenance checks can often put a lot of hidden faults in the bud to prevent or reduce accidents. Different models of CNC lathes and routine maintenance requirements are not exactly the same content for a specific machine tool shall be specified in the regulations. Number of Taian Hai Machinery Manufacturing Co. to remind the user to do the following routine maintenance content:

1. lubricate the guide rails every day to do cleaning surfaces, automatic lubrication system of the machine to regular inspection, cleaning automatic lubrication system, check the oil, add the oil in time to check whether the oil pump and stop the timer start Dayou.

2. Check the daily headstock automatic lubrication system is working properly, regular replacement of the spindle box oil.

3. Check the electrical cabinet note whether the cooling fan is working properly, the air duct filter clogging, clean the dust buildup.

Note 4. Check the cooling system, check the fluid level, time to add oil or water, oil and dirty water to be replaced when cleaning.

5. Note Check the spindle drive belt, adjust the tightness.

6. Pay attention to the tightness check rail fillets, adjust the gap.

7. Note Check the hydraulic system tank pump any abnormal noise, working the oil level is appropriate, whether the normal pressure gauge, tubing and all fittings for leaks.

8. Note that check rails, machine guard is complete and effective.

9. Note Check the mechanical precision of the moving parts, reducing the shape and position deviation.

10. The work machine to do daily cleaning hygiene, cleaning iron, rub rails static parts of the coolant to prevent rusting rail


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