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CNC lathe CNC lathe manufacturers how to check fault
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CNC lathe CNC lathe manufacturers how to check fault
    CNC machine fault basically be divided into two categories: the first is due to problems in the NC machine parameters (sometimes due to improper settings, sometimes accidentally make parameter changes or confusion) caused by the second fault is usually due accidental reasons NC system is in an infinite loop generated. For the first type of soft failures, just adjust the parameters, the fault will disappear naturally. The second fault is generally taken forcibly reset to restart the way to restore the system.
    Here are a few examples:
    Example One: CNC lathe FANUC-OT system, each CNC machine tools boot occurred the phenomenon of death, any instruction not operate properly. After taking method of force-reset, after clearing all the system memory, the system returned to normal, re-enter the program and machine parameters, the machine properly. This fault is due to the confusion caused by the machine parameters.
    Example 2: A dedicated CNC milling machine, Siemens CNC system, batch processing CNC system alarm "LIMIT SWITCH", this failure is because the Y-axis travel beyond the limits set by the software caused no change in the value checker . After careful observation of symptoms, when a fault occurs, Y-axis coordinate display of determination software limit is reached, careful study found the compensation value input increases caused by software limit after setting appropriate adjustments, troubleshooting. This failure is due to the CNC machine software limit parameter is set incorrectly.


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