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FANUC CNC system CNC lathe Using parameters maintenance equipment
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2016-7-30 10:25:52 Views:
FANUC CNC system CNC lathe Using parameters maintenance equipment
1. The manual pulse generator damage. A FANUC 0TD CNC lathes, manual pulse generator fails, so that the knife can not fine-tune, you need to replace or repair the defective unit. There was no suitable spare parts, first set parameter 900 # 3 is set to "0", the manual pulse generator is temporarily not in use, use the jog buttons to single pulse generator to operate the tool trim work. And other manual pulse generator repaired after this parameter is set to "1."
2. overtravel alarm occurs when the power returns the machine reference point. Said machine tool return reference point in the process, there 510 or 511 overtravel alarm, there are two approaches:
(1) If the X-axis reference point return process, there 510 or 511 overtravel alarm, parameters can be changed +99999999 0700LT1X1 value (or modify -99999999 0704LT1X2 value), then a return to the reference point. If there is no problem, then the value of the parameter 0700 or 0704 instead of the original value.
(2) while pressing the P key and CAN boot, you can eliminate overtravel alarm.
3. A FANUC 0i CNC lathes, occurred shortly after boot ALM701 alarm. From the maintenance manual to explain the contents of an upper portion of the fan control overheating, machine tools, electrical cabinets open, check the fan motor does not move, check the fan power supply is normal, the fan can be determined damage, due to a moment later less than the same type of fan, the first parameter RRM8901 # 0 to "1" first release ALM701 alarm, then cooled in cold forced, to be available to the fan, and then PRM8901 to "0."
4. A system FANUC 0M CNC machining center, the spindle in the tool change process, when the spindle and tool change arm contact moment occurs in contact collision abnormal sound failure. Analyze the reasons for failure is because the spindle positioning, spindle head caused by a bad fit with the ATC arm, will undoubtedly cause a mechanical crash, two injured are obvious traces. After investigation, the ATC arm and spindle head no mechanical looseness, and the ATC arm action and accurate positioning, so the parameter value using a modified N6577 resolved soon after the original data 1525 to 1524, troubleshooting.
5. Confidentiality type parameters 0900 - 0939 maintenance law. When operating according to the method FANUC 0MC manual transmission parameters, dense type parameters 0900 - 0939 must be entered with MDI mode inconvenient. This paper introduces a method of transmission can be transmitted containing dense type parameters 0900 - 0939, including the following steps:
(1) Set the mode switch is set to EDIT position;
(2) Press the PARAM key parameter selection screen display;
(3) the external receiver device is set to STAND BY (ready) state;
(4) press EOB key does not let go, then will all OUTPOT key output parameters. 6. A FANUC 0MC vertical machining centers, since the absolute position encoder battery failure, resulting in X, Y, Z reference point is missing, you must re-set the reference point.
(1) The PWE "0" to "1", change the parameter NO.76.1 = 1, NO.22 to 00000000, then the CRT display "300" alarm that is X, Y, Z axis must manually return to the reference point.
(2) the machine is powered using the handwheel X, Y moves to the reference position, change the parameter NO.22 is 00000011, then the X, Y has established a reference point.
(3) the Z axis to near the reference point, the installation of a handle on the spindle, and manual mechanical arm, clamping handle it completely. The parameter NO.22 to 00000111, the Z-axis to create a reference point. The NO76.1 set "00", PWE to 0.
(4) is powered on with G28 X0, Y0, Z0 check mechanical reference point.
7. No fault alarm caused by the machine parameters. A FANUC 18i-W wire walking, CRT display after boot X, Y, U, V axis position display inaccurate, the former normally display three digits after the decimal point, and the front display four digits after the decimal point, and no CRT alarm information. Should first suspect is a parameter variation caused by the failure. Check the parameters found NO.0000 # 2 INI changes, the original normal display "0" (for metric input), and the display of "1" (inch input), the parameter is changed to "0" when there is a fault, the numbers are displayed normally .
8. Machine fan alarm, unable to find, buy too late, you can modify the parameters 8901, the fan alarm canceled, being the first boot process. Etc. buy replacement fan again. (FANUC 18 OR FANUC16 OR FANUC 0I SYSTEM)
9. The parameters are not being modified random protection parameters PAR3208 # 1 can lock SYSTEM KEY, PAR3292 # 7 can not open the lock parameters. The parameters saver has PAR3202.

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