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How to reduce the risk of purchasing CNC lathes
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2016-8-10 9:11:51 Views:
In general, the relatively large amount of investment. Therefore, reducing the risk of a problem is the first purchase of CNC machine tools must be considered. How to prevent the risk?

How to reduce the risk of purchasing CNC lathes

   In general, the relatively large amount of investment. Therefore, reducing the risk of a problem is the first purchase of CNC machine tools must be considered. How to prevent the risk? Taian Hai Machinery Manufacturing Co. NC number are summarized in long-term marketing of the following:

    The first is the process of risk: the processing of a product, there may be a variety of technology choices. Once the process is determined, in order to determine the required machine type and size. Such as drilling, drilling can be punching, drilling different processes. Required for the machine can be used vertical machining centers, EDM and Punch. If the sheet metal is generally not processing center to resolve. For some complex parts, then put the key processes as the focus, the use of multiple processing and composite processing, to ensure the accuracy and efficiency. Many domestic customers often do not quite understand and master the business market. Therefore, the number of Taian Hai Machinery Manufacturing Co. must provide drawings or samples, in conjunction with application engineers work piece analysis, in order to prevent major mistakes.

    Second, the selection of risk: all kinds of specifications for each machine has its technical performance parameters. Its processing capacity, in estimating the minimum clearance can not be fully prepared. For example, not to the required precision machining of the workpiece, the precision machine tools are controlled factory. Because the CNC machine tools, as time goes on, long or short, the accuracy to be lost. Table size machining centers, x, y, z spindle machining range, taking into account changes in the size of the workpiece can not be completely in accordance with the size of the existing machining a workpiece set count. Especially the processing trade enterprises, orders often change, are not the same size of the workpiece. Therefore, the processing capacity of the machine to be rather large not small.

    Third, the supplier risk: often encounter this situation, suppliers, machine tool builders disappeared, especially imports supplier factories to make their credit investigation. Some small domestic machine tool companies, often because of various reasons, the conversion or closure, so be sure to choose the strength of the machine manufacturer have qualified brand. When the user agent contract, technical services, terminal manufacturers have the most promise, otherwise difficult to guarantee the future of technical support.

Fourth, the risk of machine tool accessories: Now CNC machine tools and machine tool accessories functional parts, either through community purchases, but some machine tool manufacturers to develop their own manufacture. Accessories for social functions, as long as the understanding of their brand, size, even if the manufacturer can not be resolved, the customer can be solved. But for those parts of the machine tool factory set our own standards, their production, will have to be especially careful. If the manufacturer does not collapse, the conversion can not be resolved, and some even can supply high expensive maintenance costs, machine tool. Especially imports machine tools, for example, CNC systems, FANUC, Siemens, Mitsubishi is more common, but heck, Haas, Mazak, Okuma and other research and development by its own configuration, once out of the question, must go to him. Initiative rests in the hands of suppliers.

Fifth, the use of risk: general procurement tools, the vendors provide samples, but also make the process scheme. Test workpiece machining, especially for some of the more complex, and relatively high value-added product processing, but also to the case. Taian Hai Machinery Manufacturing Co. in the number of users to choose the high-end and special, special tools, the workpiece and the cutting test users on integrating workflow, the initiative for the user to avoid risks.


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