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CNC lathe meter common use
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2016-9-18 9:14:13 Views:
CNC lathe instrument is actually a kind of branch of CNC lathes. CNC lathe instrument biggest feature is mainly used collet chuck workpiece clamping. This approach is particularly suitable for small workpiece clamping batch, just push a lev
CNC lathe meter common use.
1, CNC lathe instrument can be used in addition to manual workpiece clamping collet chuck, you can also use pneumatic collet chuck and hydraulic spring clamp head clamp the workpiece.
2, the rod material, must be set within a collet chuck spring backing, not only can be directly clamped in place, do not re-knife, and after processing the workpiece can be automatically ejected.
3, the diameter less than 20 mm long bar of mass production, be sure to insert long material automatic feeding system, can greatly improve work efficiency, as the material used to pull or push material manner to be determined according to the workpiece.
4, can be used for automatic feeding of short material mass-produced parts, as far as possible the installation of automatic feeding systems.
5, the row can be used to make use of the tool holder clamp the tool turret row, row to avoid duplication turret positioning error and failure rate of electric tool holder.
6. If you want to increase the number of clamping tool, you can use the electric tool turret and discharge coexistence way, our terminology is called dual-use electric discharge.

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