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Shandong CNC lathe manufacturers to talk about the reasons for the collision lathe
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2016-11-8 12:22:34 Views:

Shandong CNC lathe manufacturers to talk about the reasons for the collision lathe
Shandong CNC lathe manufacturers to introduce the reasons for the collision of NC cars, one for the cutter or wheel diameter and length of the input error; the second is the size of the workpiece and other related input geometry errors and the initial position of the workpiece positioning error; The workpiece coordinate system of the machine is set incorrectly, or the machine zero is reset during machining and changes occur. Most of the machine tool collision occurred in the rapid movement of the machine, this time the greatest impact of the collision should be absolutely avoided. So the operator should pay special attention to the machine in the initial stage of the implementation of the program and the machine tool in the replacement of the grinding wheel or when the wrong time when the program editor, tool or wheel diameter and length of the input error, it is prone to collision.
Shandong CNC lathe at the end of the program, the NC axis of the retraction action sequence error, then a collision may occur. In order to avoid the collision, the first use of tools and grinding wheel, the knife should be carefully carried out, can not underestimate the problem. In order to avoid collision, the operator in the operation of the machine, to full of facial features, observe the machine with or without abnormal movements, with or without sparks, with or without noise and abnormal ringing, with or without vibration, with or without burning smell. Found abnormal situation should immediately stop the program until the machine problem is solved, Shandong CNC lathe to continue to work. At the same time before the operation, the operator should accept the safe operation of machine tool training, each type of machine tool should have safe operating procedures, the operator should be the system operation and safety training, training and qualified job certificates to work on the machine. Before the work, should know the location of the fire extinguisher, and the operator to master the method of fire extinguishers, machine air pressure switch position, the machine's input power switch position, hydraulic workstation position, due to master emergency closing method, The cooling oil grinder should be placed within three meters of the fire extinguisher.
Master the operation skills of CNC machine tools is a gradual process, and can not be achieved overnight. It is based on the basic knowledge of machine tools and basic knowledge of machining and basic programming knowledge. CNC machine tool operation skills are not static. It is an organic combination of imaginative and hands-on elements that require the operator's component to be innovative.
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