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Explain the common three kinds of automatic tool changing of CNC lathe machining center
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2016-11-15 9:35:55 Views:
In the operation of CNC lathe machining center for knife is one of the most common operation of the project, but with updated technology in the NC system mostly adopts the automatic tool change way, the three most common way by the automati

In the operation of CNC lathe machining center for knife is one of the most common operation of the project, but with updated technology in the NC system mostly adopts the automatic tool change way, the three most common way by the automatic tool changing manipulator tool change, tool change directly, the turret head tool change. Now we come to you to introduce specific.
Mechanical hand tool changing mode
Generally equipped with mechanical hand tool changing mechanism of the knife library often use disc type tool magazine. The so-called mechanical hand tool for the knife, is refers to the change of the knife, by the mechanical hand grasping the knife, the knife and the knife change. Responsible for transferring the tool between the cutter and the main shaft of the CNC machining center.
The cutter is sent back to the tool magazine, and the tool to be used is pushed onto the main shaft. The characteristic of this kind of tool changing is the new knife to be used and the old one has been used at the same time. That is to say the knife and knife for the same time, and therefore the relative change of the knife, with
Tool changing speed, the motion range of the mechanical components are smaller, and so on. Is now more mainstream tool for the knife.
Two, direct tool changing method
The so-called direct tool changing method is that the process of changing the cutter and the spindle box with the tool to complete, which is the most direct way to change the knife. The knife is the general configuration of the bamboo hat. According to the changing process, there is no displacement to distinguish between the tool and the tool base, the direct tool changing mode can be divided into
Two types of shift mode of tool magazine and fixed mode of tool magazine. Knife library shift mode, the knife can be moved in the library, before changing the knife, the knife into the knife library working area, after the knife in the exit of the area. Because of the movement of the tool magazine, the layout is more exquisite.
, flexibility and poor adaptability. In the fixed mode of the cutter, the cutter is mainly carried through the movement of the main spindle box. The tool base can be kept still, and can only be rotated in position. The former can only be carried out in order to select the knife, which is suitable for the numerical control machining center with a small number of cutting tools.
, and the latter can realize the turning tool. This tool selection reduces the moving knife, can greatly simplify the design structure of the knife, the knife on the control process is simple and reliable. The characteristics of the direct tool changing method are the slow changing speed and high failure rate, only in the early stage of the machine.
Type on use.
Three, turret head change
The turret head is through brick rotation, need to move the cutter knife in the corresponding position. It is the general tool change order, has the advantages of compact structure, tool change time is very short, generally used in machining crankshaft such as slender workpieces and complete multi industry
Sequence of complex working procedure.
Automatic tool changer of the turret head mode and direct tool change, divides into the turret tool spindle head and tower tool change in two ways. Turret tool changing way is through the turret head rotation, to achieve automatic tool change action.
Equipped with a turret, but the turret spindle connection is not a knife, but a number of different directions, a spindle shaped octopus tentacles, each spindle head on pre installed tool processes need to use.
Three kinds of automatic tool changing the way above is the CNC lathe machining center, data from Tai'an Haishu machinery limited company to organize release, hope to help everyone in the operation of CNC lathe, Tai'an Haishu Machinery Co Ltd is specialized in the production of CNC equipment, CNC lathe, machining center, turning center. Welcome to purchase.


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