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CNC lathe lathe structure with the price and the size of it
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2016-12-19 16:40:43 Views:
CNC lathe prices are many factors, the number of machinery to introduce you to the system factors, the purchase of CNC lathes or to choose the brand has many years of production enterprises, technical experience, improve after-sales service

CNC lathe lathe structure with the price and the size of it
CNC lathe prices are many factors, the number of machinery to introduce you to the system factors, the purchase of CNC lathes or to choose the brand has many years of production enterprises, technical experience, improve after-sales service.
1, the numerical control system
Many large enterprises and schools superstitious foreign CNC system, not to buy non-foreign CNC machine tools. In fact, the current domestic CNC lathe system, whether from the technical performance, or stability and reliability have been and international standards, and the gap between the foreign CNC system to take time to measure is not more than 5 years, and the timeliness of the service And service prices are far better than the countryExternal system.
Selection method: select the local service agencies of the CNC system, after all, machine tool CNC system services and services are separated; as far as possible to choose the same brand and the same size CNC system, this will reduce the number of on-site management of the trouble; Level shift, the best step in place, choose to support the servo spindle CNC system.
2, electrical systems
Stability is good. Many new brand of machine tool electrical appliances are branded products, but not stable; and many big brands of machine tools used in general brand products are rarely problems. The reason is between the electrical appliances, electrical and numerical control system compatibility is very critical, compatibility is not good no matter how good accessories are of no avail. How compatible with the experience and technical producttired.
Selection method: try to choose a mature machine tool products, try not to buy a new brand or new machine (of course you can buy with the exception), on this basis, try to choose the use of brand electrical machine tools.
3, lubrication system
Machine lubrication system must ensure that the machine's transmission can be fully lubricated, fully lubricated transmission is to ensure that machine tool life and the necessary conditions for accuracy, so the purchase of machine tools must be observed when the oil is reasonable. Loudly calling the use of units must be added to each class of lubricants, check the lubrication system is reliable.
Selection methods: bed rails, carriage rails, ball screw must have oil to reach, at the same time to consider the convenience of oil maintenance; oil wiring messy tubing and other pipeline interference machine try not to buy, design Do not pay attention to details, the production process is not standardized machine does not go.
4, the spindle box structure
The spindle box is one of the key factors that determine the cutting ability and precision of the machine tool. Its maximum and minimum speed, speed range, transmission power and dynamic characteristics all determine the highest cutting ability of CNC lathe. Spindle box is generally divided into two types of gearbox and CVT.
The precision, rigidity and thermal deformation of CNC lathe spindle components have a direct impact on the quality of processing, especially in the form of CNC lathe bearings. CNC lathe spindle bearing configuration mainly in the following three.
① The front bearing adopts double row cylindrical roller bearing and 60 degree angular contact double row ball bearing combination, and the rear bearing adopts the high precision angular contact bearing installed in pairs. This kind of arrangement forms the comprehensive rigidity of the spindle to be greatly improved, Various types of CNC machine tool spindle.
② Front bearing adopts high precision double row (or three row) angular contact ball bearings, single row (or double row) angular contact bearings are used for rear bearings. This kind of configuration is suitable for high speed, light load and precision CNC machine tool spindle.
③ front and rear bearings with double row and single row tapered roller bearings, suitable for medium precision, low speed and heavy load of CNC machine tool spindle.
Selection method: If used for cutting strength and precision is not high, select the gear box structure of the spindle box; if used for cutting and high precision precision requirements, please use servo spindle stepless spindle box, bearing in mind the configuration ; If used for general cutting and high precision requirements, variable frequency motor CVT spindle box, and pay attention toBearing configuration. In this case,
    The above content from a number of angles that the decisive factor in the price of CNC lathes, the main products of Tai'an sea of ​​machinery: horizontal lathe bed CNC lathes, vertical CNC lathes, CNC turning centers, CNC pipe thread lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC machining center , Select the number of seas, choose the Soviet Union feel right right, order the phone 13953800780.



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