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Selection of cutting capacity for CNC lathe manufacturers
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Selection of cutting capacity for CNC lathe manufacturers
Practice has proved that a reasonable choice of cutting the amount of machine tools, tools, parts and processes and other factors. Reasonable choice of processing the amount of methods are as follows:
Roughing, the main to ensure high production efficiency, it should choose a larger amount of back to eat a knife. , The larger the feed, cutting speed U select the low speed.
Finishing, the main guarantee the size of parts and surface accuracy requirements, so choose a smaller amount of back to eat knife ap, the smaller the feed. Cutting speed U Selects a higher speed.
Roughing, the general should give full play to the potential of CNC lathe and cutting tool capacity. CNC lathe factory semi-finishing and finishing, should focus on how to ensure the quality of processing, and on this basis, try to improve productivity. CNC lathe in the choice of cutting the amount of cutting tools should be able to ensure the completion of a part or guarantee the durability of the tool is not less than a work class, at least not less than half the working hours of the work. CNC lathe factory specific values ​​should be based on the instructions in the machine tool, tool life and practical experience selected.
Back to eat the amount of choice of the amount of knife. Back to eat the amount of knife to choose according to machine tools, fixtures, tools and rigidity of the workpiece and machine power to determine. In the case of the system to allow the process, as far as possible to choose a larger amount of back to eat knife. In addition to the remainder of the process left behind, the remaining rough as much as possible a cut, so that the minimum number of passes.
Typically, on a medium power machine, the roughing tool is 8-10 mm (unilateral). CNC lathe manufacturers semi-finished back to eat the amount of 0.5-5 mm knife; finishing knife back to eat when the amount of 0 2-1.5 mm.
The feedrate refers to the feed direction of the tool in unit time. CNC lathe manufacturers to move the distance. The principle of determining the feed rate is that when the quality requirements of the workpiece can be guaranteed, a higher feed rate can be selected to increase the productivity. CNC lathe plant cut, turning deep hole or fine car, should choose a lower feed rate. Feed rate should be compatible with the spindle speed and the amount of back to eat knife. In roughing, the choice of feedrate is limited by the cutting force.


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