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Causes of Crashing in NC Lathe
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2017-1-4 9:46:16 Views:
CNC machining precision, good dimensional stability, low labor intensity, easy to modern management. However, due to improper operation or programming errors and other reasons, easy to make the tool or knife hit the workpiece or machine too

Causes of Crashing in NC Lathe
CNC machining precision, good dimensional stability, low labor intensity, easy to modern management. However, due to improper operation or programming errors and other reasons, easy to make the tool or knife hit the workpiece or machine tool, the light will hit the tool and the machined parts, heavy machine parts will be damaged, so that the accuracy of machine tool loss, or even Resulting in personal accident. Therefore, from the perspective of maintaining precision, the use of CNC machine tools in no way allow the collision of tools and machine tools or workpieces. The following reasons for knife collision induction and analysis.
Because the hub CNC lathe is locked by software, in the simulation process, when pressing the automatic operation button in the simulation interface and can not visually see whether the machine has been locked. Simulation is often without a knife, if the machine is not locked to run, prone to collision knife. So the simulation should be run before the interface to confirm whether the machine is locked. Forgot to close the dry run switch during machining. Because in the process of simulation, in order to save time often open the air run switch. The dry run refers to all machine axes running at G00. If the run time switch is not closed, the machine ignores the given feedrate and runs at the speed of G00, resulting in a knife attack and a machine tool accident. After running the simulation, the reference point is not returned. The machine is locked in the calibration process does not move, and the tool relative to the workpiece processing in the simulation run (absolute coordinates and relative coordinates in the change), then the coordinates of the actual position does not match the need to return to the reference point method to ensure that machinery The zero point coordinates are the same as the absolute and relative coordinates. If no problems are found after the calibration procedure, the machining operation will result in a tool collision. Overtravel in the wrong direction.
Wheel hub CNC lathe As a high-precision machine tools, anti-collision is very necessary, requiring the operator to develop serious and careful habits, according to the correct method of operation of machine tools to reduce machine tool collision occurred. With the development of technology appeared in the process of tool damage detection, machine tool anti-collision detection, machine tool adaptive processing and other advanced technologies, which can better protect the CNC machine tools.
When the machine overtravel, you should hold down the overtravel release button, manually or manually move in the opposite direction, that can be eliminated. However, if the lifting of the direction of the anti-up, it will cause harm to the machine. The overtravel protection of the machine does not work when the overtravel is released and the limit switch for the overtravel protection is at the end of the stroke. At this point may cause the table to continue to move the direction of overtravel, and ultimately pull the bad screw, resulting in machine damage. Invalid cursor position when the specified row is running. When the specified line is run, it is often done from the cursor position downwards. For a lathe, the offset value of the tool to be used is called. If the tool is not called, the tool for running the block may not be the desired tool, and it is very likely that a tool collision may result. Of course, in the machining center, CNC milling machine must first call the coordinate system such as G54 and the knife length compensation value. Because the length of each knife compensation value is not the same, if not called may also cause collision knife.
The above content describes the wheel hub CNC lathe collision occurs the reasons for the collision, the main products of Tai'an sea number of machines: horizontal inclined bed CNC lathes, vertical CNC lathes, CNC turning centers, CNC lathes, CNC milling machine, CNC machining centers, Select the number of CNC lathes to choose the sea, choose Su always right, order the phone 13953800780.
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