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Discussion on the factors affecting the precision of the small CNC lathe
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2017-3-16 15:40:03 Views:

Discussion on the factors affecting the precision of the small CNC lathe
In an ordinary precision CNC lathe on the processing of 70mm * 1650mm screw, 7:30-9:00 2:00-3:30 milling workpiece and the workpiece processed in the afternoon, the cumulative error can be up to 85m. Under the condition of constant temperature, the error can be reduced to 40m
A pair of double face grinding 0.6 ~ 3.5mm thick thin steel workpiece precision double face grinder, in the acceptance process of 200mm * 25MM * 1.08mm steel workpiece can reach mm of the size of the accuracy, the curvature of the full length is less than 5m. However, after continuous automatic grinding of 1H, the change range of size increases to 12M, and the coolant temperature increases from 17 DEG C to about 45 DEG C. Due to the influence of grinding heat, the main shaft neck is extended, and the bearing clearance increases. According to this, a 5.5kW refrigerator is added to the cooling box of the machine tool.
Practice has proved that the deformation of small CNC lathe after heating is an important factor affecting the machining accuracy. But small CNC lathe is in temperature anywhere in a changing environment; small CNC lathe itself at work will consume energy, a considerable part of this energy is converted into heat in a variety of ways, physical changes caused by various components of the machine tool, the change of the structure form because of different reasons, material differences etc. different. In order to minimize the influence of thermal deformation on the machining accuracy, the machine tool designer should master the forming mechanism of the heat and the temperature distribution.
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