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Discussion on seven safety knowledge of instrument lathe in Shandong CNC lathe manufacturers
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2017-3-30 17:45:38 Views:

Discussion on seven safety knowledge of instrument lathe in Shandong CNC lathe manufacturers
1, the installation of the chuck to tighten the screw on the spindle, so as not to slip when driving caused by accidents.
2, instrument lathe abnormal phenomenon, should immediately stop the vehicle, or notify the maintenance staff overhaul.
3, not in the machine sliding parts placed wrenches and other objects, are not allowed in the top of the machine or bed table trim hammer work.
4, often check the turret rotation is normal, positioning is accurate, fast mechanism is flexible and reliable.
5, remove the lathe on the work of obstruction work, check the protective device, tool holder, etc. are normal, solid, the handle is flexible, accurate positioning, power and grounding device is good, confirmed before they can start by lubrication chart rules refueling, check Oil quality, oil is normal, the oil is smooth.
6, the operator qualified to obtain an operation permit, the prospective to operate, the operator should be familiar with the performance of the machine, structure, etc., and to comply with safety and shift system.
7, shall not arbitrarily touch the operation of the machine parts, or hand brake machine rotating parts.
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