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What are the characteristics of the small number of CNC lathes
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What are the characteristics of the small number of CNC lathes
    In the processing technology, CNC lathe processing equipment for mechanical parts of the processing accuracy to be higher, and the quality of processing is also more ideal. This is because the operation of CNC lathe processing equipment is mostly done by the machine automatically, can reduce the operation of the artificial error, while the lathe on the assembly of the location detection device, but also increasingly strengthen the processing of precision.
    Small CNC lathe processing equipment to join the multi-coordinate linkage mechanism, so it can be more complex mechanical parts for processing operations, thus raising the overall level of processing technology. CNC lathe manufacturers pointed out that this device can almost achieve the arbitrary trajectory of the movement and arbitrary shape of the space surface and other types of complex heterogeneous parts for processing.
    In the processing machinery and equipment a wide range of conditions, CNC lathe processing equipment to process the new workpiece is only need to aim at one of the CNC technology program to make the appropriate transformation, that is able to achieve the processing of new mechanical parts, without the entire production line Reloading. This can greatly enhance the processing efficiency of machinery and equipment, while also expanding the scope of the use of CNC lathe processing equipment.
    From the overall level, CNC lathe processing equipment to produce more efficient, it can complete the processing time per unit time is also more, the data show that CNC lathe processing equipment processing efficiency is a number of ordinary lathe about. This is because the rigidity of the CNC lathe structure is good, the spindle speed is faster, so the workpiece processing required maneuver time and auxiliary time are less.
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