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How to choose the right instrument CNC lathe
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2017-7-25 10:32:25 Views:
1, CNC milling and machining center for the completion of a larger amount of milling parts of the processing equipment

How to choose the right instrument CNC lathe
1, CNC milling and machining center for the completion of a larger amount of milling parts of the processing equipment
2, CNC engraving and milling machine for the end of a smaller amount of milling, or soft metal processing equipment
3, high-speed cutting machine for the end of the amount of medium milling, and milling the amount of grinding down to the lowest processing equipment
1, CNC milling processing center:
Non-moving some steel demand is very good to move some steel demand is very good
Advantages: to carry out heavy cutting; defects: because the move some of the same huge, dedicated machine tool sensitivity, some of the subtle and quick feed powerless.
2, CNC engraving and milling machine
Non-moving some steel needs to move some steel to be sensitive to the premise, as light as possible, together with the inevitable steel.
Advantages: can be compared to the subtle processing, high precision machining. On the soft metal can be high-speed processing; Defects: because of poor steel so it is impossible to re-cutting.
3, high-speed cutting machine
Non-moving some steel demand is very good to move some steel demand is better, and as light as possible. Advantages: can be carried out in the small amount of cutting (usually φ10 flat knives, on the 45 steel (300) arrogant depth of
0.75 as well); defects: the correct use of the next can carry forward the efficient, low cost, so that the grinding volume becomes very small. Improper use, will immediately make the waste of the pile of tools like mountains.
1, the bed of the use of concave ribs co-operation of the mesh structure, and some direct use of the honeycomb phase of the hexagonal mesh layout
2, wide column and beam, we know the gantry layout because of its excellent symmetry and excellent steel is high-speed cutting equipment manufacturers have always been preferred layout.
3, on the move Some have obvious differences with the CNC milling is to widen the distance between many rails and rails to overcome the difficulties of bad times.
4, from the information on the general selection of the rice Han that cast iron, that is, pregnant cast iron, molten iron in the cast to participate in a certain share of silicon (Si) and then changed the internal layout of the iron,
making it more resistant to stamping, rigid progress The
5, the rigidity of the CNC lathe is mainly used to overcome some of the high-speed movement in the non-moving some of the strong impact, so the rails, screw rods thicker demand, and strengthen the convergence of some rigid.


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