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What are the characteristics and advantages of small CNC lathes?
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2017-11-7 19:01:50 Views:

What are the characteristics and advantages of small CNC lathes?
1, high-precision machining
Small CNC lathes are processed in the form of instructions given in digital form. At present, the pulse equivalent of CNC machine tool generally reaches 0.001, and the backlash of feed drive chain and lead screw pitch error can be compensated by numerical control device. Therefore, CNC machine tool can achieve high machining accuracy. For medium and small CNC machine tools, the positioning accuracy is generally up to 0.03, repeat positioning accuracy of 0.01.
2, the adaptability of the processing object
Small CNC lathes to change the processing of parts, simply re-programmed, enter the new program Guo able to achieve the processing of new parts, which complex structure for the single, small batch production and trial of new products provided a great Convenience. For those ordinary hand-operated ordinary machine is difficult to process or can not process the precision of complex parts, CNC machine tools can also be automated processing.
3, a high degree of automation Low labor intensity
The machining of parts is done automatically according to pre-programmed procedures. The operator does not need complicated repetitive manual operations except placing punched tapes or keyboards, loading and unloading workpieces, detecting intermediate processes in critical processes, and observing machine operations . CNC machine tools generally have better security, automatic chip removal, automatic cooling and automatic lubrication device, the working conditions of the operator greatly improved.
4, high production efficiency
Small CNC lathe spindle speed and feed changes in a wide range, so every process of CNC machine tools can choose the most favorable cutting load. The structural rigidity of CNC machine tools, allowing a large amount of cutting powerful cutting, improve the cutting efficiency, saving maneuver time. Because CNC machine tool moving parts of the free travel speed, so the workpiece clamping time, auxiliary time less than the average machine.
5, to facilitate the replacement of processing parts
Small CNC lathe replacement of parts to be machined almost no need to re-adjust the machine.Therefore, saving parts to adjust the installation time. CNC machining quality and stability, generally only the first piece of the first inspection and sampling key dimensions of the inspection process, thus saving downtime inspection time. When machining on a machining center, a machine tool realizes continuous processing of multiple processes, and the improvement of production efficiency is more obvious.
6, good economic returns
① The use of CNC machining can save the time of scribing, reduce the adjustment, processing and inspection time, save the direct cost of production; ② processing parts generally do not need to produce special fixtures, saving process equipment costs. ③ CNC machining accuracy and stability, reducing the rejection rate, so that further reduction in production costs. ④ can achieve a multi-purpose machine, saving plant area, saving construction investment.



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