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High precision small CNC lathe thread linking method
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High precision small CNC lathe thread linking method
The high-precision small CNC lathe adopts the DC or AC spindle control unit to drive the spindle. According to the control instruction, it can be continuously variable. It is not necessary to use the multi-stage gear pair for speed change between the spindles. In order to increase the speed range, it is generally necessary to pass a gear pair to achieve stepless stepless speed regulation. In this case, the structure inside the bedside headcase is much simpler than conventional lathes. Another structural feature of a small CNC lathe is its large stiffness, which is matched to the high-precision control of the control system in order to accommodate high-precision machining.
High-precision small CNC lathe screw connection is the use of threaded parts of the detachable connection. Characterized by the structure is relatively simple, easy assembly and disassembly, reliable work, the use of a wide range. Most high-precision small CNC lathe thread connection has been the national standard, the designer is mainly based on the requirements of the thread connection, select the appropriate thread type, connection and determine the size of the screw connection.
1. CNC machine thread formation
The right-angled triangle ABC is wound around a cylinder of diameter d, and a right-angled edge coincides with the circumference of the bottom of the cylinder, then the hypotenuse forms a helix on the cylinder surface. At this point, if the cutting tool is used to cut the material along the helix direction, the corresponding thread can be obtained.
2. CNC machine thread type
High-precision small CNC lathe thread sub-thread and external thread. The thread formed on the cylindrical surface is an external thread, and the thread formed on the wall of the cylindrical hole is called an internal thread. Male thread and female thread together form a thread pair for connecting and driving. The thread is also divided into metric and imperial systems, China except machine pipe threads with imperial, the rest are with metric units.



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