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Shandong CNC lathe maintenance process
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2018-3-13 10:13:24 Views:
1. The operator of the vertical crane must be familiar with the performance, structure, and numerical control system of the vertical crane, hold the certificate,

Shandong CNC lathe maintenance process
1. The operator of the vertical crane must be familiar with the performance, structure, and numerical control system of the vertical crane, hold the certificate, and prohibit the use of equipment with super performance;
2. After the main motor is started, it is necessary to check whether the lubricating oil pump is working normally through the oil screen at the bedside and perform lubrication on each lubrication point.
3. Before the spindle starts, check whether the shift handle of the spindle box is in the correct position, then test the machine, and the rotation speed is from low to high;
4. Before processing the product, it is necessary to check whether the machine carriage and the middle carriage are at the origin, and confirm that the processing procedure is correct before the product can be processed;
5. After the daily work is completed, after cleaning the vertical lathe, the large pallets and the intermediate pallets must be returned to the original point. After confirmation, the power supply can be turned off.
6. When the lathe is working, it is strictly forbidden for workers to work in series to avoid accidents caused by malfunction of the numerical control system or loose workpieces;
7. The operator of the CNC lathe must change the program and notify the technician to change the position in advance, so as to avoid losing control of the program. When loading or unloading the workpiece or when the operator leaves the vertical motor, the operation of the main motor must be stopped;
8. After the implementation of the maintenance of the oil class system, before turning the workpiece in addition to the net size tractor oil, to prevent iron powder bonded track, resulting in damage to the track;
9. The machine tool has a fault or accident, cuts off the power supply, protects the site, reports to the relevant personnel in time, and handles it according to company rules.


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