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Faults and solutions for the spindle CNC lathe spindle
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2018-7-11 8:16:16 Views:

Faults and solutions for the spindle CNC lathe spindle
Fault detection and analysis of wheel CNC lathe
1. Use the manual JVC jog mode to adjust the X and Z axes of the lathe to the origin, restart the machining program, and carry out the test run. When the table is quickly fed to the machining position, the spindle still does not rotate. It is diagnosed that the AC variable frequency spindle motor speed control system is faulty. .
2. Analyze the spindle motor is controlled by the AC inverter (because the machine manufacturer does not provide the internal drawing of the AC inverter), so the "mathematical fuzzy maintenance method" is adopted. Depending on the internal status of the AC inverter, it is only necessary to check the status of each external interface. Can judge.
3. First look at the LED alarm display content of the AC inverter control system.
4. In order to distinguish between overheating (referring to overheating of the motor itself) or overload (referring to the overload of the motor, the rotation is too heavy) protection, at the time, the motor casing was already hot by experience, and the motor was heated for a period of time after forced cooling with a large fan. decline. After re-commissioning, the spindle motor rotates normally; at this point, this example is a typical motor overheat fault. The spindle motor was disassembled and carefully inspected. It was found that the bearing of the independent cooling fan motor was damaged, and the heat dissipation was poor, causing the overheating alarm of the spindle motor, causing the spindle of the CNC lathe to suddenly stop rotating during the machining operation, causing a "sickle" failure.
5. After replacing the independent cooling fan motor, the CNC lathe processing is normal and the fault is eliminated.



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