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CNC lathe manufacturers on lathe problems rapid maintenance methods
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2018-8-9 10:02:12 Views:
After finding the problem of numerical control lathe, even if the local position has been found, it should not be repaired blindly. First,

CNC lathe manufacturers on lathe problems rapid maintenance methods
After finding the problem of numerical control lathe, even if the local position has been found, it should not be repaired blindly. First, the operator should be asked. In general, the probability of the machine tool problems caused by misoperation has reached more than 40%. It can be said that this is one of the reasons for the emergence of more obstacles Zui, to the operator. The clerk inquired to know what happened when the fault occurred, such as the abnormal noise of the lathe or the logic fault, and then the analysis and judgment according to the actual conditions. In this way, it was able to determine exactly what part of the problem occurred after the local position was found, and it was convenient for rapid maintenance.
In the process of maintenance, we should do this according to such steps. First, check the system parameters to ensure that there is no problem on the system parameters and then check the other parts, such as whether the lathe has 500 or 501 alarm after the lathe stops working, and the lathe can not work properly, and the system inspection is carried out. After checking, it should be checked in a variety of ways. In general, the CNC lathe can not work normally because of the failure of the system. Once this problem can be cut off, the power supply can be restarted and the fault can be eliminated. After using these methods, the lathes are still found to be troubleshooting, so the majority of the problems are in the line. In this case, the lathe is dismantled thoroughly, the details are overhauled, and the fault is relatively serious because of the physical damage or the leakage problem. In this case, the damaged parts are related and should be inspected in an all-round way to avoid the problem of expanding. The hidden trouble of the lathe operation Zui is easy to damage.
After the overall color view, we should smell the odor, if the odor is produced, it explains the manufacturer of the CNC lathe, and the electric insulating layer is burnt down in the violent friction movement. In this case, it will produce odor, such as the smell of coke. If the fault lathe has ozone taste, it shows that it has a discharge phenomenon. In this case, the power supply should be cut off immediately, internal line search, find out the problem, immediately on the line maintenance will solve the problem.



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