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Processing characteristics and processing objects of CNC lathe
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Talking about the High Precision Machining Technology of Shandong CNC Lathe

Processing characteristics and processing objects of CNC lathe
Talking about the High Precision Machining Technology of Shandong CNC Lathe
The accuracy requirements of Shandong CNC lathe parts mainly refer to the accuracy requirements of size, shape, position and surface. The surface precision mainly refers to the surface roughness: the rotary drum in the copier, the magnetic head on the video recorder and the multi-face reflector on the laser printer. The precision parts have a geometric contour accuracy of 0.01um and a surface roughness of Ra0.02um. These high-precision parts can be machined on special precision CNC lathes.
Shandong CNC lathe forming surface parts, non-standard pitch (or lead), variable pitch, equal pitch or spiral parts for smooth transition between cylindrical and conical rotating surfaces can be processed on CNC lathes.
In large mold processing, there are many parts that are large in size and complex in shape. These parts have a large amount of deformation after heat treatment, and it is difficult to grind. On a CNC lathe, the hardened parts can be turned by a ceramic turning tool, and the grinding is performed by the car to improve the processing efficiency.



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