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Fully automatic CNC lathe fine processing structure features
From:Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime:2018-11-1 16:05:34 Views:
1. Fully enclosed, no pipelines exposed, neat and beautiful. 2. The servo motor's rapid feed rate can reach 20 m / min.

Fully automatic CNC lathe fine processing structure features
1. Fully enclosed, no pipelines exposed, neat and beautiful.
2. The servo motor's rapid feed rate can reach 20 m / min.
3. The automatic CNC lathe is equipped with function switches such as hard limit and zero return, which is safe and reliable.
4. High precision, high efficiency and easy operation. The two-track rail average rail method is adopted, and the machine tool has good rigidity.
5. Double-off axle balance equipment with 3 sliders, which is more conducive to improving the rigidity and life of the machine.
6. The smooth method uses the circulating uninterrupted oil supply, and the smooth oil is reclaimed, which can not only improve the life of the machine tool, but also save the smooth oil cost.
The automatic CNC lathe should have operating procedures: punctual protection and maintenance, and pay attention to record the protection site; 3. CNC machine tools should not be sealed for a long time, causing storage system problems for a long time, data loss; 4. Keep an eye on training And equipment operators, maintenance personnel and programmers 5. CNC machine tool operating environment: about the CNC machine tool so that it is placed in a constant temperature environment and away from the vibration of the equipment and electromagnetic interference equipment.



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