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Warm congratulations "HAISHU" brand CNC machine tool exports reached 40 countries. They are: the United States, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Turkey, New Zealand, Colombia, South Korea, Bahrain, South Africa and other countries. "HAISHU" brand has been known at home and abroad.
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  • [2013-7-1 11:37:26]Ball screw shaft details
    Ball screw shaft details
  • [2013-4-20 17:57:58]Installation of CNC lathes
    CNC lathe factory has been fully debug, if not installed properly, it will affect the accuracy and performance of the machine, be sure to pay attention!
  • The type and model of horizontal CNC lathe
  • CNC lathes, also known as CNC lathes, computer numerical control lathes, domestic use is the largest and most extensive coverage of a CNC machine tools, accounting for the total number of CNC machine tools, 25 percent. CNC machine tools to
  • [2012-1-17 10:52:20]CNC machine tools profile
    CNC machine tools profileCNC (Numerical Control Machine Tools) is a form of information with a digital code (program instructions) to control the tool according to the given procedures, velocity and trajectory of automatic processing machines, referred to as CNC machine tools.
  • In addition to the basic layout of maintaining the traditional form of lathe CNC lathe parts of the economy, the present, most CNC lathes are designed and finalized by the production.
  • CNC machine tools and classification of common faults 1 site of fault classification by ⑴ host host failure CNC CNC machine tools usually refers to the mechanical components, lubrication, cooling, chip removal, hydraulic, pneumatic an
  • CNC lathe knife principle and the knifeCNC lathe knife before the knife principle and method: the knife is the main operation of CNC machining and important skills. Under certain conditions, can determine the accuracy of the knife precision parts, while also directly affect the
  • CNC lathe operation and maintenance procedures I. Scope: All CNC lathe. Second, the operating requirements: 1, before starting to check whether the power switch, the light is working properly, the handle position is correct, if the

CNC lathe research and development, every problem we can not be ignored!

How to make my machine have a longer service life?

How to make the equipment have higher production efficiency?

How to ensure that the machine is simple to learn?

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