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Warm congratulations "HAISHU" brand CNC machine tool exports reached 40 countries. They are: the United States, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Turkey, New Zealand, Colombia, South Korea, Bahrain, South Africa and other countries. "HAISHU" brand has been known at home and abroad.
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  • CNC lathe is mainly used for processing of large diameter and short length of large and heavy components and artifacts in the clip is arranged on the horizontal lathe, meet the turning diameter, heavy workpieces in the sleeper is not easy t
  • Quality testing instrument CNC lathe first look at high precision cylindrical surface engraved lines, higher general machine the workpiece surface accuracy reticle inspection should grasp the following points:
  • The use of hydraulic chuck: First, three-jaw Select soft jaws, the installation must be symmetric; turning, three-jaw install size turning to material diameter size (claw release the state are turning out, and then stepped up the state tur
  • Hydraulic chuck Caution: Chuck the life of 3 years, under normal circumstances to protect the good chuck 5-10 years. 1. chuck is absolutely necessary to first use butter, we usually twice, can reduce the component in the future. (Must
  • 1, there is no one without contempt, tolerance and struggle can conquer the fate. 2, the great man is great, because he and others in the face of adversity, others lose confidence, he was determined to achieve their goals. 3, there is no
  • Many current bottleneck machinery enterprises are facing a major problem is the channel, the fierce competition in foreign markets, the domestic market has limited capacity, fought in the aftermarket would be a good policy. Machine refers t
  • There are two porridge shop, shop and shop right left customers everyday is not much difference, The stream never stops flowing. people into a person. However, when the evening settlement, the left than the right shop shop is always more hu
  • [2016-3-20 16:22:49]
    We travel to the countryside to see a farmer to feed cattle fodder shovel to the roof of a hut, inevitably feel strange, then asked: "Husband, why don't you put the grass on the ground, let it eat?"
  • [2016-1-30 15:42:48]2016 New Year Party
    2016 New Year Party2016 New Year Party
  • Taian T60 foot ring taishan leapt activitiesTaian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd organize employees to participate 2015 seventh ring taishan mountain T60 big foot activities.
  • Red leaves valley here we come! - a record number of taian sea machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Jinan red leaves valley 20115 employeesNumber of taian sea machinery manufacturing co., LTD. (formerly Tai’an City hite machinery manufacturing co., LTD.) is the manufacturing of CNC machine tools and the internal combustion engine test equipment professional enterprise, is the
  • A business to want to grow rapidly, the need to have a very good management skills, there may be a lot of business leaders have such confusion, business management in the end should be how to do, how to do is the best? Business management a

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