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Warm congratulations "HAISHU" brand CNC machine tool exports reached 40 countries. They are: the United States, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Turkey, New Zealand, Colombia, South Korea, Bahrain, South Africa and other countries. "HAISHU" brand has been known at home and abroad.
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A. the concept of enterprise talent:
Beyond the people-oriented, the amount is only applicable, innovation and common success
B. the talent the introduction of the concept:
The outside Bichou not, to avoid pro-ability and integrity, be tolerant to diversity
C. personnel training philosophy:
An appropriate Gang, Gang fitness of its people, expertise and resources to make the best use
D. the concept of the growth of talent:
Career development, human management
E. the human concept of interpretation:
1, people-oriented
People-oriented to emphasize respect for human beings.
Respect for human differences, with its director, and optimization of human resources, so that their talent and make the best use.
The ability to respect for human differences, the different contributions of people, different rewards, responsibilities, rights and interests, abilities, contribution and compensation relative, responsibilities, rights and interests relative said.
2, the amount is only applicable
Talented reuse of ethics before appointment, no Yigai not.
Only applicable in being able to other posts, the capacity to determine positions and contribute to the decision value.
The use of "those who Yongzhe" competition mechanism to stimulate the potential of human resources and initiative, ability and political integrity, high efficiency talents come to the fore.
3, the innovation beyond
Learning innovate and go beyond, never satisfied.
Improve the pay incentives to adhere to performance management, analyze and summarize the results of the exam seriously, so that the penalties and rewards, objective and fair, the prize is well spent should be fine too.
Adhere to the "best result of today's minimum standards of tomorrow."
4, the common success
The HAISHU has consistently advocated the concept of "enterprise up the stage, the staff singing". Every employee to provide a work environment to display their abilities, to each one determined to become employees provide a broad space for development, so that each employee to feel that they are masters of their enterprises, work together, common development and share the success.
   The HAISHU insist on "equality, care for the idea of ??the talent". Status differences between people, only different responsibilities. Companies respect the personality and the pursuit of the employees, encourage employees to enhance their ability to recognize the achievements of employees. At the same time, adhere to rely on staff development, development of employees, the fruits of development with the staff sharing "concept, taking into account the focus on the interests of both enterprises and employees to promote corporate and staff unity and cooperation, work together to create and share value, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation .


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